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The International Alumni Association of Shri Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya (IAAMJV-USA) is a US based non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose primary goal is to promote the cause of Professional Education in the Jain community irrespective of sect.

IAAMJV is a non-profit and tax-exempt organization that was founded in 1991. Many of its members are the alumni students of Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya Hostel in India. It also has strong support of many education loving individuals from the larger Global Jain community. It is one of very few organizations outside of India, which promotes higher education in the Jain community in US and India. These loan scholarship opportunities are open to all Jain students respecting Jain principle of Non-violence.

IAAMJV offers 3 (three) loan scholarships programs:

Loan Scholarship for Graduates from India Studying for Master Program in USA
Number of Students Awarded with Scholarship in 2024
Average Loan Amount per Student
$ 5000
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Loan Scholarship Program for Undergraduate Students Residing in India
Number of Students Awarded with Scholarship in 2022
Average Loan Amount per Student
₹ 25000
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High School Seniors/College Undergraduates Residing in the United States
Number of Students Awarded with Scholarship in 2023
Average Loan Amount per Student
$ 10000
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“I am highly thankful to IAAMJV for providing me with immense help and financial support for my education. It is incomparable. I am highly grateful to IAAMJV for their unstoppable assistance and support. It is my gratitude to repay the scholarship loan and in return help other students in future for their needs. Thank you so much once again ”
Aagam Shah
“This loan has really helped financially sponsor my education, since I do not have a green card yet, it is difficult to get a student loan from the bank. Not only did this loan help me with this concern, it also greatly reduces the financial pressure on me and my family after I finish undergrad since I plan to pursue further education, and there is no interest involved when we pay the loan.”
Maitri Gandhi
“I am really grateful to this organization and people who are doing this brilliant work to help needy students for their education. Moving forward I would like to be a part of it well.”
Harshit Gandhi

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