Request to apply for new LSGI student loan

Request to apply for new LSGI student loan (Graduate Education Loan Scholarships For Higher Studies in USA)
Instructions for submitting the request form: A Microsoft account is necessary to login to LSGI loan portal.

LSGI portal will only accept accounts with Microsoft domain. (for example Therefore if you do not have one please create one and use it to submit in the following form where Microsoft account is requested.

What is a Microsoft account:
It is basically an account registered with @Microsoft corporation.

Please refer to following link on how to sign up.

Once you complete the following form, this information will be reviewed by LSGI committee and after verification you will be granted access to LSGI loan application portal. You will receive an email to login to the LSGI portal within 2-3 days. In the email content click on Go To MJV Loan Application Submission link.
When you click on a link, you would be directed to Microsoft page, click on "Microsoft online account" (The first choice) to access the LSGI portal.

If you do not receive any email or do not hear from us within a few days, please contact directly @ following email and/or phone no for any loan related issue
Mahendra shah @
Arvind Shah @

For any technical issues with the LSGI loan site , please contact Manish Shah @