Please contact following persons for any loan/documents releated questions and after your loan is in complete stage if you do not receive check for the approved loan amount.
Mahendrabhai H-630-372-6329 email:
  Arvind Shah: H- 847-289-5290 email:


MJV loan Application Deadlines

Spring  Semester 
Application Deadline : Feb 1st
Reiview process begins : March 1st
Fall Semester 
Application Deadline : Sept 1st
Review Process begins : October 1st.
  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT COMMITTEE Members until the deadline except you have LSGI loan process question that you can NOT find answers from this FAQ or you have any technical difficulties applying online.  Please read the FAQ very carefully before contacting committee members. 


Please download all required forms,  fill them out , sign and/or have them signed. Scan them and upload them. Please make a note of file type for photo image(jpeg/jpg) and max size for any document 2 MB. Browse the attachment from your computer and click upload to upload them. 

LSGI application related quesitons

Do I need to submit Tax Forms along with the application form?

Yes .Need to provide 2 references from USA who knows you & prepare to sign reference forms. Yes, must be a US citizen or green card holder ​ You must absolutely try to provide US references. In rare circumstances if you at all can not find US references you may contact LSGI committee and put INDIA references. Provide full INDIA address along with phone numbers in free form text field. your application may be reviewed by committee and NOT guaranteed to be approved.

Is reference form required to be signed off?


If I am awarded the LSGI, when will I get the check

2-3 weeks​​

What happen, if I do not upload the P/Note?

You will loose your awarded student loan​

Where can I find Notary executor?

One can find at your bank, notary service or your school main office​

Do I have to deposit/cash the check in certain time?

Need to be deposited within 3-4 weeks ​

Shall I deposit the check with the university/school?

No, can be deposited in your personal bank account

Can I apply for second year or again after first award?

​​No, one time only.

Do I have to apply for Fall or Spring Semester?

One can apply either semester. ​

Do I have to or can I apply from India?

Yes, one can apply from India or USA ​​

If I missed the date of application, can I apply for the next semester award?

Yes, One can do so.​​

Do I have to repay the Loan Scholarship?

Yes, this is only a no interest loan. ​

When do I have to repay?

Within 1-2 yrs after completion the school​

Whom I have to mail the repayment check?

Mr. Dhaval Jain, Teasurer, IAAMJV Inc, 79, Middlesex Village APT# B, Middlesex, NJ 08846​

Do I have to pay interest?

No, this is no interest loan. ​​

Can I mail additional amount of check as donation?

Yes, IAAMJV deeply appreciate the additional donation for good cause. ​ ​​

Is repayment Tax Exempt?


If I want to serve/help IAAMJV after my study, what do I have to do? whom I have to contact?

Need to contact the IAAMJV President. ​

Do I have to pay Interesta if loan is not payed within precommitted time frame?

This loan will be charged 12% interest beginning 4 years from the date of the promissory note signed.

Whom Should I have to Mail?

The payment should be mailed to IAAMJV Treasurer.