Loan Application Forms

Download the following loan application forms (Microsoft Word files). Please click on the appropriate version of the file. You will be asked to open the document from the current location and save the file on your computer. Fill out the application form and mail it to the address mentioned in the form along with the required documents. Please remember you must submit all the required documents with your application form before the committee will review it.

Graduate Education Loan Scholarships For Higher Studies in USA For Indian Students

The Loan scholarship for Graduate student (LSGI) program entails awarding a one-time loan scholarship of up to $ 3000.00 to bright and needy Jain students arriving in USA for further studies in order to help them tide over initial financial problems on start up. This is an interest free loan scholarship and released on the student’s signing a notarized Promissory note and agreeing to keep IAAMJV informed of his whereabouts, changes in addresses, phone numbers etc. and to repay the loan amount within two years or earlier after completion of the studies. The application deadline and award notification deadline dates are as under:

Fall Semester: Application Deadline date: September 1st       Award Notification date: October 1st
Spring Semester: Application Deadline date: February 1st       Award Notification date: March 1st

Apply Online by Requesting Access to Scholarship Portal: Click Here   

Undergraduate Education Loan Scholarships In India For Indian Students

The Loan scholarships for undergraduate in India (LSUI) program entails awarding an interest free loan scholarship to a bright and needy Jain student pursuing education in Technical Institute, Medical College, Pharmacy College MBA or MCA fields.

Students with parent’s yearly income & academic performance are some of the factors to determine eligibility. Scholarships are available for entire course of studies but awarded yearly. Student with satisfactory academic performance needs to apply each year during the course of studies

This is an interest free loan scholarship and released on the student’s signing an agreement on a stamp paper of Rs. 50 to return the loan amount within 5 years after completion of studies or after quitting the studies without completing the requirements. The application dead line and award notification dates are as under:

Application Dead Line: August 31       Award Notification: October/November

Apply Online by Creating An Application on Scholarship Portal: Click Here 
Student who do not have online access, you may apply Using The Form: Word Format   

College Education Loan Scholarships For U.S. High School Students

The College Education Loan (CEL) program is to assist students during their college studies through an interest free loan during their education. Upon repayment of the loan, the same opportunities will be available to future students from the Jain community. Each selected student will receive loan of $10,000 spread over three years. $5,000 for the first year, $3,000 for second year and $2,000 for the third year of undergraduate studies provided that the student is enrolled in an academic institute during subsequent years. Repayment of the loan can begin six months after graduation. Sponsors of this program appreciate the contribution of Jain community towards education and hope that each recipient continues to support the program.

Application Dead Line: June 30       Award Notification: Aug 15

Apply by Using The Form : Word Format