IAAMJV - International Alumni Association of Shri Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya

International Alumni Association of Shri Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya (IAAMJV) is US based and was founded in July of 1991 at the time of JAINA Convention at Stanford, California. It is a non-profit, tax exempt association whose primary goal is to promote the cause of Professional Education in the Jain community irrespective of sect. Currently, it represents over 850 alumni members and Associate members residing in USA and has raised over a million dollars since its inception to support different educational projects. Here are the important achievements of the association since its birth:

  • For decades, Vidyalaya was helping the bright and needy Jain boys only; there was nothing for the girls. IAAMJV helped establish the first college hostel for girls in Ahmedabad in 1994 by joining hands with two other large donors. Because of the success of this hostel, the Vidyalaya management has recently opened up two more girls’ hostels-one at Pune and the other at Vallabh Vidyanagar.
  • Late Dr. Mohan Jain raised $ 268,000 in North America under the umbrella of IAAMJV and some more from his friends and relatives in India and fully funded a branch of Mahavira Jain Vidyalaya in Udaipur in 2001. It was the initiative of IAAMJV that resulted in this college hostel offering help for the first time to the Jain students from the Hindi speaking region of the country.
  • Drs. Gunvantrai and Gunvanti Shah Endowment Fund will be established at IAAMJV to promote the higher education of Indian students from India for Higher studies in USA. The Endowment Fund will be funded from the proceeds from the Retirement Plan of Dr. Gunvantbhai Shah. IAAMJV is designated as one of the beneficiaries of the Retirement Plan of Dr. Gunvantbhai Shah. We salute Dr. Gunvantbhai Shah for his acts of kindness and compassion. His far-sighted past and current donations has already made a difference in the lives of many bright and needy students in the past. Thanks to our President Emeritus, Rameshbhai Fofaria for coordinating this project.
  • IAAMJV has three active loan-scholarship programs. They are for Jain boys and girls from Jain community (all castes, no restriction) and are as follows:
    1. For students from any region of India for Bachelor’s degree (undergraduate) study in India (Loan Scholarship for undergraduate study in India - LSUI program)
    2. For students from India for higher (graduate) studies (such as MS, MBA, PhD, etc.) in USA (Loan Scholarship for Graduate study in USA for Students from India – LSGI program)
    3. For Graduating High School Seniors from USA for pursuing undergraduate studies in USA (College Education Loan Scholarship – CEL program)
There are various donations schemes (programs) for the above loan scholarship programs. Contact executive committee members for details.

It is worth noting that our help is in the form of interest free loans and not grants. This allows IAAMJV to recycle the funds, lowering the need for fresh donation. Our experience shows that most students, once they start working, gladly refund the loans (plus more) accompanied with THANK YOU notes. Today, IAAMJV is probably the only organization outside of India that is exclusively devoted to helping the bright and needy Jain students coming to USA. We do not wish to have any Jain student from any family denied of the educational opportunities for lack of resources. It is our strong belief that going forward, our community is going to be as strong as the educational level of its members. The efforts like ours will brighten the future of our next generation and leave a lasting imprint on the history.

MJV - Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, Bombay, India.

MJV's mission is to promote education among Jains in India. MJV currently operates 11 branches in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, serving more than 1740 students every year. Each vidyalaya branch provides lodging and boarding facilities at a subsidized rate to the Jain students. The vidyalaya also offers a number of full and partial loan scholarships to the needy Jain students. The vidyalaya started a dormitory (Kanya Chhatralaya) for Jain girls in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with a capacity of 60~80 girls about 25 years ago for which IAAMJV have donated $50,000. Due to its outstanding success, MJV has expanded its capacity to 170 currently. Since then, MJV has built more dormitories for girls in Pune and Vallabh Vidyanagar.

The Beginnings of the Vidyalaya's success stories:

The creator of MJV, Acharya Shri Vijayvallabhsurisvarji, and the project leaders Shri Motichand Girdharilal Kapadia & Sheth Devkaran Mulji were instrumental in making the Vidyalaya a honorable institution that we know today. Another key person who contributed heavily to the sucess of this institution was Shri Kantilal Kora. He gave over 50 years of his life in serving the institution and played a key role in Vidyalaya's development.

The Vidyalaya started with 15 students in 1915 and it has grown into eleven branches serving more than 1740 Jain students ( Boys and Girls ). Currently all the Vidyalaya branches are located in state of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. A new Vidyalaya Branch is opened in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Acharya Shri Vijayvallabhsurishvarji

Vijayvallabhsurisvarji On February 3rd 1914, with auspicious blessings and visionary inspirations from Acharya Shri Vijayvallabhsurisvarji, a center for Jain education was established in Mumbai. On that day, the foundation stone of the Vidyalaya was laid by respected Sheth Devkaran Mulji. In the memorable ceremony surrounding the founding of the institution, Sheth Govindji Madhavji donated 292 grams(26 tolas) of gold for the foundation of the Vidyalaya building. Hundreds of Jains at the time foundation ceremony put silver coins in the foundation.

Aim & Objectives:

  • Unite influential and powerful Jain businessmen, industrialists and knowledge workers for noble causes such as Service, Knowledge, Economic Empowerment, Social Upliftment and Spiritual Enlightenment.
  • Organize social, cultural, religious and educational events that all family members can participate in together.
  • Platform for young entrepreneurs for right Business contacts and employment.
  • Retain social, moral and religious values following principles of Jainism in all group operations.
  • Effective event management to maximize event quality at reasonable cost.
  • To provide a platform for young entrepreneurs to interact and gain purposeful knowledge from the experienced and well established business leaders.
  • Sharing fair and best practices.
"Working together and helping each other for making a disease-free, violence-free, enemy-free, conflict-free, ignorance-free, poverty-free social order for ensuring a happy, contended and satisfying living for all".